Danni is not dating simon

“It would also be a bit unprofessional for her to get involved with a contestant at this stage.” Gossips at boot camp said Dannii was dating Andy, from Newport, south Wales – tipped to make it big in the ITV1 show – after she described him as “hot stuff” on his first audition.Fancied A source said: “Andy was a real ladies’ man and all the girls fancied him, including Dannii.Sharon told The Mirror: ‘Dannii wanted to be the mistress of Simon – and the mistress of X Factor.‘But I didn’t leave the show because Simon and Dannii were f******, I left because she became unbearable.Well a new book by an “unauthorized” Simon Cowell biographer, whom Cowell actually met with and helped with the book, alleges that Cowell and Dannii had an affair during their time on X-Factor together.According to Sharon Osbourne, Cowell was also allegedly sleeping with a bunch of other chicks while he was with his then-fiance, Mezhgan Hussainy.Luckily, the girl who did get Topanga was unable to take notes from the director after their first rehearsal so they let her go and Fishel auditioned again, finally nabbing the part.

‘At the same time, the guy’s got the right to write the book he wants, but it has been uncomfortable to be honest with you.’ WEIRD CELEBRITY COUPLES The 52-year-old added that he was initially unconcerned when he found out a book had been written about him- until he found out Bower had penned it.because this guy, I mean, is not someone you particularly want writing your biography because you know…he has written books about Richard Branson, Bernie Ecclestone who runs Formula 1 – lots and lots of books, and this guy is a digger and he’s relentless.’ Following the interview the music mogul enjoyed a night out in London with ex-girlfriend Jackie St Clair, her partner, II Divo band member Sebastien Izambard and a mystery woman.‘I must admit when I heard that this unauthorised book was being written about me, on a scale of 1-10 of awfulness, I was kind of like, OK well that is a 4 because there have already been a couple,’ Simon said.‘And then I said ‘who’s writing it’, and they said Tom Bower, and then we reached 10…

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