Dark caverns chat room

The most important landmark is the giant stone staircase in the middle of the level.

This structure spirals around the biggest cavern and has two passages which lead to the bulk of the cave. This passage acts as the main path leading deeper in the volcano.

Here Mario will pass a broken bridge with Chuckyas and a small temple off to the side. In here is a star and a pipe which leads to the Metal Cap palace.

Outside the room is a Box containing the only shell in the level.

When you first enter, check the corner to the right to find a hidden Max Revive. If you wish to go directly to the Pokemon League, continue to the Northern Half of this cave.

The Candlestone Caverns have a history that predates their more recent discovery.

They once served as a back door of sorts from the Darklands to the dwarven kingdom of Tar Taargadth in the Five Kings Mountains.

When Tar Khadurrm collapsed, the caverns faded from memory entirely.

The great earthquake of 4510 AR exposed new openings to the caverns, unleashing tides of subterranean raiders upon the human settlements in rural Andoran.

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