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Complete forward and backward traceability is cost-effectively achievable through best practices and supporting tools — such as Helix ALM.

Helix ALM's no-compromise workflow engine includes states, events, transitions, assignment rules, escalation rules, triggers, and more.

But if you use Oracle tools like SQL*Plus to modify Oracle Applications data, you risk destroying the integrity of your data and you lose the ability to audit changes to your data.

Helix ALM's modular structure allows you to license only the capabilities you need now, and easily add others later.

Let's face it, very few projects follow a pure development methodology, Helix ALM is simply the best hybrid-agile solution available — from pure waterfall to pure Agile and anywhere in between (including the way you work.)Knowing when you are ready to ship, the impact of changes, who is assigned what tasks to complete, the weak points in your product, and so on, are answerable through visibility across the development lifecycle.

If it's part of your process, you can model it, automate it, and enforce it with Helix ALM.

It's easy to drown in the flood of information captured during product development, but you still need to make timely decisions. Customizable dashboards and reports help you measure impact, burn down rates, track project progress, and measure productivity to stay on top of quality.

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