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This only prerequires: Bundle file is placed in same (sub)folder as composite XHTML itself. jsf,primefaces The action attribute is intented to execute a backing bean action method on click, not to print some Java Script code (which of course get executed immediately You perhaps meant to use onclick or oncomplete instead.Bundle file has exactly the same filename (prefix) as composite XHTML itself. Like as in basic HTML, those on* attributes are intented to execute some Java Script code... But you can add your own temporary key for your use case: @Entity...Had alsoensured that my data Table had the 'rows' attribute in it. Dummy Form Nesting Form(Ljavax/faces/component/UIComponent; Ljavax/faces/context/Faces Context;)Lorg/apache/myfaces/shared_tomahawk/renderkit/html/util/Form Info; Can anyone help me as to# which nightly builds of tomahawk works well myfaces 1.1.2 (untilthe release of tomahawk1.1.2)?I tried with updating the myfaces to 1.1.2 and using the snapshotbuilds of tomahawk 1.1.2 as well as 1.1.3 . # How should I resolve the / by zero error in case of the myfaces1.1.1Thanks, Ajit Tripathi Thanks for the reply Mike.force Id=, setting this to true on the scroller causes the go To Last element button to stop working, so removed it 3. When I click on the datascroller, my data Table does not refresh automatically to show the correct page. You have copy-pasted this from the Rich Faces demo, but you have removed the "sc1" component, so perhaps a javascript error occurs that prevents the table from refreshing.

Hi, I'm implementing a forum using Seam, rich:data Table and rich:data Scroller pretty much the same way as described here:

I have a composite component with a data Scroller inside (tomahawk).

In my xhtml I tried to use this component but I receive an error:

This is stack Trace , which points towards the Tomahawk1.1.1 bug in Html Data Scroller i guess Application Dispatcher[/Project1] Servlet.service() for servlet jsp

Arithmetic Exception: / by zeroatorg.apache.myfaces.custom.datascroller. Html Data Page Index(Html Data Html Data Scroller Variables(Html Data Scroller

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