Datetimepicker validating

I am getting no errors and when I run it through fiddle it says no errors found. I just realized that you changed it from bootstrap 3.1 to bootstrap 2.2. The time script version I was using works with bootstrap 3.

That is, when an invalid date is left in the input field by the user, the picker will forcibly parse that value, and set the input's value to the new, valid date, conforming to the given With this option you can select the view from which the date will be selected.

They tend to have code in them that runs after they fired the event which may well invalidate what you did.

The Validating event is especially tricky because it is raised as a side-effect of the focus changing.

A Date Time Picker control allows users to select a date and time in Windows Forms applications.

In this tutorial, we will see how to create a Date Time Picker control at design-time as well as at run-time, set its properties and call its methods.

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