Dating a female fighter

Carmouche has long been a proud voice for her community, having done numerous interviews discussing the challenges of both being a gay member of the military and a gay professional athlete.Guys, would you date a female mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter?

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There are few men out there with the guts to date (or even flirt with) UFC champion Ronda Rousey.

You’d probably feel safe in any dark alley with your valentine by your side. You might also like: MMA’s Yancy Medeiros: The UFC Lightweight with a Hawaiian warrior ethic Okay, you’ve made it to the top 3. Able to switch positions quickly: Transitions are key in MMA, with fighters always wanting to get to a more “dominant” position. They train for a 25-minute fight, trying to accomplish any “endurance” goal shouldn’t be of concern.

You dated a fighter, were a match, and are now happily married like Cain Velasquez or Anderson Silva. Well, for the newlyweds, switching different positions in any situation would not be a problem. Have a lot of endurance: Want to go on a long hike? And the number one reason to date an MMA fighter is… Rear naked choke: It’s hard to get out of one these if arms are sunken in…

but for two lovebirds, this name of one of the most popular moves in MMA might suggest a very different definition.

In 2012, the Ultimate Fighting Championship accepted what many had been saying for years - women can fight, and people want to see it.

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