Dating a man 25 years older

I have stronger views on this subject than many others because my father was 27 years older than my mother, but they remained happy and in love until he died at 78 (a year short of their 25th wedding anniversary).

And the fact that there are five Pelling siblings, born between my dad’s 54th and 70th years, has always suggested that marital relations remained vigorous.

In their defense, I hardly grew up dating or crushing on men close to my age group.At the time, I sincerely believed, to paraphrase Mae West, it’s not the age of the men in your life, it’s the life — or high life — in your men.For, mea culpa, money was an attraction; when I was 30, I fell for a successful financier of 55 — the same age Michael Douglas was at his wedding to Catherine.True, I think Anna Nicole Smith and her octogenarian sugar daddy were stretching things to a ludicrous extent, but then I think we all know what attracted the pneumatic blonde to billionaire J. I can think of numerous women in their early 30s hanging on for grim life to young men who patently aren’t in love with them, don’t want to have children and treat them with a distinct lack of thoughtfulness.Surely the prognosis for these relationships in ten years’ time is far grimmer than for your own?

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