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You can work on the project whenever you have time or whenever you feel inspired to talk about a particular topic.Instead of worrying about how to document one event, remember that you're trying to create a book that gives a broader picture of who you are as a person.

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High School ABC’s by author unknown A – Annuals, athletics, Algebra B – books, band, ball games, C – college prep classes, computer lab, calculators, chemistry, calculus, choir, cheer leading D – Driver’s Ed, diploma, dances, deadlines, drama E – education, essays, entrance tests, F – Fine Arts, field trips, fabulous friends, freshman, football G – grades, going out, gym, graduation, geography, geometry H – homeroom, honor roll, hairstyles, homework, holidays hanging out, Homecoming I – intelligent, interests, Internet, Instant Messaging J – journalism, joking, junior K – keyboard, knowledge, kids L – laughter, late nights, library, learning, lunch break M – math, MTV, music, mascots, movies, N – new kids, no parents!

Your Personalities I think vacation scrapbook stories are even more interesting and meaningful if you focus more on how your personalities come into play in the vacation. New Starts and Joint Discoveries In October you walked away from The Man.

The suit and the tie disappeared and the jeans came out.

I come from a very traditional Italian family, and I’m very close to mine. It was so tempting to research and find out stuff about him before the show, but I told myself, "I’m coming in on a clean slate, so it’s only fair that I do the same for him." So far, what I know about him [going into the show] I do like and am attracted to, so hopefully I’ll like him more. I always think about the other person I’m dating and how it’s going to affect them.

VG: I think the biggest hurdle in relationships is sometimes having to…like, I’m the kind of person that when I’m in a serious relationship, I adopt the mentality of: How is this going to affect us? I guess for me, I’m trying to find someone who has that same mentality and can adopt that same mind frame as well. I’m 28 years old, and that’s something I’m starting to think of. I don’t want to have kids with just VG: I love Kaitlyn [because of] her personality.

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