Dating agencies with events in singapore miley and nick dating again

but if you don’t try, you will never succeed.”Mr Gan is not alone.

While dating apps have become an increasingly attractive platform to seek love and friendship, there are still plenty of singles in Singapore who prefer joining a dating agency or enlisting the help of a professional matchmaker.

Dating apps may have become an increasingly attractive platform for singles, but the idea of joining a dating agency and enlisting a professional matchmaker to help find that special someone still strikes a chord with some in Singapore.

SINGAPORE: It was about four years ago when Mr John Gan* first thought about settling down after seeing his close friends getting hitched and starting their own families.

However, SDN activities are more for those who are serious about dating, while you tend to go to other singles’ events to make friends. As I’m not lazy, I believe that if I don’t start meeting people now, I’m just waiting for things to happen.

My friend once told me that ‘good things don’t drop from the sky’. And I believe that even if I’m one of the youngest at these events, I might eventually be rewarded for not being picky. Along the way, I would have made a few new friends as well. Firstly, the activity has to be interesting to me and secondly, attractive people (determined by looking at their profile pictures) would motivate me to attend.

My favourite would be dinners because I prefer to go to indoor events, unless I’m exercising! It’s very easy, just smile, say “hi”, be curious and ask questions to the person you are talking to.

It can be tiring and disappointing if you don’t meet someone …Somehow, it’s more fun and easier talking to people who are in ‘social mode’, that is, people who are in the mood to make friends.So far I’ve gone to dinners, drinking events, a cruise and an outing for trekking.In 2010, after I got married, I wanted to close down the group but there were members who asked me not to close it down and said “I don’t care if you’re married, I’m not, you still need to help me!” So I continued organising events and in 2013, I quit my job to run Complete Me full time.

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