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Play by these new rules and you’ll score again and again. Trouble is, you’d end up hooking a lot of fish you had no appetite for. “Most women would probably say they don’t stare at men’s bodies in the same way men do women, but they’re mistaken,” says sex therapist Ian Kerner, author of .In short, he had 'something about him' in bucket loads. View Comments Published 15 September, 2009 | Dating Advice Dave felt uncertain about his looks, he thought his conversation was boring and felt he might run out of things to say. The trouble was he'd known (even through the alcoholic haze) that Sue was the kind of woman he could really get to like. What moves people to take notice even if you're penniless?He reminded himself that women find confident men attractive. What invisible 'magic' can seduce, convince, inspire, and mesmerize others? Like gravity, which cannot be seen but has powerful effects, we can't 'see' charisma but we know when someone has it. View Comments Published 28 July, 2009 | Dating Advice She was out of - no, infinitely beyond - my league. If you feel convicted of certain behaviors, stop doing them.In sex, just like sports, it pays to play by the rules. In football, o„fficials moved the restraining line from the 30-yard line to the 35, with the intention of increasing touchbacks. Using eye-tracking technology, scientists from the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction found that women are actually more likely to have wandering eyes than men.In fact, my team should scrap thoughts of ever being in any league again.

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Published 26 October, 2009 | Dating Advice I had merely exclaimed to a pal (perhaps a tinge enviously) how women seemed to fall at his feet. I was still under the illusion that looks were all when it came to dating, but Matt didn't have looks, he wasn't tall or rugged, but he was funny, razor sharp, confident, knew how to talk, and he had his own unique style. View Comments Published 10 September, 2009 | Dating Advice If you're in the market to be more charismatic, here's a riddle for you: What makes you attractive even if you're ugly?

We’ve pulled together the top 10 tips that are key to making your online dating profile stand out, so that you have the best chance of making a connection with someone you like.

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