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There’s a long tradition of activist videos where filmmakers attempt to expose the hidden prejudices of their societies through secretly-staged scenes in public. But a new video that has gone viral offers a small glimpse of Canadian tolerance in action.

The “social experiment” -- as the video’s maker, Omar Albach, an 18-year-old student at York University, calls it — involved an actor dressed head-to-toe in traditional Islamic garb standing at a bus stop as another actor heckled him.

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Khan, a marriage counsellor for Muslim couples, also stated a woman should always get permission from her husband before leaving the house because the man is "the main decision-maker of the home." The new chaplain has since defended his views in the media, acknowledging his use of the word "obedient" might seem inappropriate if used out of context, while explaining the Arabic word typically translated as obedience actually means loyalty, devotion and love. "We at the service, we have core values that we stand by, that we believe in, that we live by," the chief said.

[email protected] Toronto Police Service's new Muslim chaplain has come under fire in recent days for his seemingly misogynist views on women and marriage.

The invitation seemed like no big deal: Would Muslim students at Duke University like to give their call to prayer from the chapel bell tower? “I’m sitting there at 11 at night, working out at my apartment gym, and I had my i Phone out making notes and thinking, What do I say in this situation? The next day, under the protection of an armed plainclothes officer, he wove together Muslim parables about faith under fire with stories about protests during the 1960s civil rights struggle.

Who knew Canada’s multiculturalism packed such a punch.

“We wanted to see how Canadians really felt about Muslims,” says Albach in an interview with World Views.

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