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In 1986 CBS changed its sequencing by abandoning the four digits system and introducing a new, seven digit system.

Catalogue numbers now started with 65, followed by a four digit sequence and finishing with an added digit indicating the format.

My goal here isn't to give you the full history of Columbia. Nor is this website a complete listing of labels produced by Columbia. They also had artists listed as an "Exclusive Artist."The next label change was the "gold band" label in 1917 and would last until 1923.

The next 2 labels are the "Conditions" label as it states the conditions of sale on it and these examples date to 1904-1905. The next major label style for Columbia's popular music was the "Magic Notes" label. To compete on the high end with Victor, Columbia introduced the Symphony Series in 1906 and continued into 1923.

The drama is centered on the bitter corporate battles around the right to manufacture and market the gramophone record' as we know it, specifically the ten and later twelve inch 78 rpm record which became so popular from the 1900s through to the mid-1950s - over half a century.

At the core of recorded music development were the inventors, theengineers, the coprorate entrepreneurs - and the lawyers, for many disputes were resolved in court.

Thus the new sequence read CBS A 1000, EPC A 1000, etc.

By this time, twelve-inch singles were indicated with a "12" before the four digits for the 7" single: CBS A 12 1000.

It would be superfluous to document here the development of Columbia' when its history has been so competently researched by the likes of Rust, and Sutton.

I will add, or rather include, just a few notes for my own purpsoes.

One of my first difficulties was listing in chronological sequence the various labels I have in the collection - forty-six.

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