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Are you in a relationship and want to know if your partner is the one? The Relationship Radar was developed in 2010 by dating expert Samantha Jayne, in conjunction with Australia’s leading relationship psychologists.Questions like: “Do I want a family, and if so, when can I envisage myself having children? ” There’s even a question asking which one of your family members you are most like!Here are 44 relationship questions to ask your boyfriend when you're in a new relationship.Whether you’re dating someone casually, or in a new relationship, the time will come when you want to know where the relationship is going.If he's the one you really want, your reasons will include things like: But how do you know what's important to consider in making such an important decision?The following relationship questions will confirm whether or not you're both compatible for the long run.Keep this question lighthearted and non-judgmental, and try not to make any major decisions based on the answer to this question alone.3. Do you see yourself with your partner in 5 years time? Getting a general idea of your boyfriend’s future plans can help you to make difficult decisions when the time comes.4.Do you think it’s important to speak to your girlfriend/boyfriend every day?

The more your goals and preferences align, the better the chances are that you will be a good match for each other.1.Would you like to get married and have children sometime in the future?This may seem like an awkward question to ask a new boyfriend, but it’s a good one to get out of the way before your relationship gets serious.Have you been dating a guy you really like for the past few months?Are you thinking you want to be in a long-term relationship with him?

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