Dating dearmond guitar

His pickups became standard fitted features on instruments made by Gretsch, Rickenbacker, Harmony, Epiphone, and many more.To augment his pickups, De Armond next offered the Model 600 volume pedal.As older brothers will, Harry borrowed the idea and took it to market.

As the folk scene quieted, a new generation of folk-rockers took Guild guitars on stage.

To market his invention he teamed up with Horace 'Bud' Rowe's Company, which was located in Toledo Ohio.

It was there Rowe/De Armond pickups, effects and amplifiers were manufactured.

’ Bo Diddley planted the seed.” It’s little wonder that even Gibbons, a renowned purveyor of rare and weird sounds, didn’t know of the effect; in the ’70s, the Tremolo Control was already “vintage” when other now-classic gear was just “used.” Harry De Armond was a visionary.

As the story goes, it was his 10-year-old brother, John, who first crafted a guitar pickup in 1935 from the coil off a Ford Model A.

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