Dating disasters and how to avoid them

Many things can happen preventing you from renewing your domains, and one day you may discover that your most important domain belongs to someone else.

It’s a total nightmare that has happened more than you think – and to a few really huge brands!

There are also new registrars that provide enhanced security, keeping your domains safer.

For example, LCN gives you an option to receive text messages seven days before expiry. Even if you keep track of the news and you hear webmasters talking about some mysterious traffic fluctuations, you might not even notice any changes in your analytics graph. In many cases the loss of traffic is very gradual, so one day you log in to your Google Analytics account and suddenly notice the unfortunate trend: You have been losing traffic for months!

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Earthquakes, oil spills, volcanic eruptions, lost luggage, canceled or missed flights, losing your passport, getting mugged, having your belongings stolen, food poisoning, getting injured, dealing with political unrest…are just a few of the things that could possibly go wrong on a given trip.And while the chance of one or more happening to you is slim, it’s always better to be prepared (for those you can prepare for, anyways).Here are seven of the most common travel woes, how you avoid them, and what to do if one happens to you.If do you get a positive diagnosis from a chlamydia test, or any other STI test for that matter, you'll probably just be thinking about yourself.Getting treated, setting reminders to get retested and making sure you leave with your paper bag full of condoms are definitely things you should do, however it's also important to let your past partners know too.

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