Dating dresden figurines

It is possible though, that Dresden as the capital of Saxony was better known in the Europe of the 18th century as the city of Meissen, some 25 kilometers away.Furthermore, most of the Meissen products that were sold in Dresden, where British importers also conducted their business and might have adopted the name "Dresden" for Meissen porcelain.In the second half of the 19th century the mistake became a monster.At this time some 30 porcelain decorating shops were established in the city of Dresden, many of them imitating the Meissen decorating style and even elaborating on it, mixing the Meissen and the Vienna styles.

The OEPIAG group purchased this pottery in 1918, so you can conclude that O& EG-marked pottery predates 1918.Check books on pottery marks for identification and dates.The outstanding resource on this subject is “ Marks on German, Bohemian and Austrian Porcelain” by Robert E. This book has marks from 1710 through the twentieth century.In English speaking countries the name "Dresden" is synonymous with Meissen and a source of great confusion.How this misnomer arose has not been explained satisfactorily.

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