Dating etiquette in france

But before you venture out into the world of dating French men there's a couple things you must know.

Before I continue I would like to point out that I didn't date a French guy during my time abroad, but some of my friends and people in my program did.

About the same time, I got a phone call from an American friend in Paris.

“My family and friends in the States keep asking me who I’m ‘dating’ or if I’m going to be out on a ‘date’ on Saturday night,” she lamented.

“I’m having a really hard time explaining that in France people go out in groups and then just kind of end up with each other.” We sighed.

My boys in turn were astonished: No one in France had ever brought the matter up—and they weren’t about to tell! Her children, slightly older, had “dated” and “gone steady” and done all those American things my Franco-American duo didn’t seem to be doing—or, in any case, talk about doing.

Rest assured, I told her, they live in France, are half-French and as far as social relations are concerned, they’ve glommed on to their Gallic side.

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