Dating gift etiquette

As an adult, whether you're the boss or part of the team, having excellent leadership skills can help ...[ Read More ]In honor of Mother's Day, I’m sharing a breakfast recipe that’s become one of my new favorites, courtesy of a good friend.If the shower has a theme, gifts should be appropriate to the shower.At a bath or kitchen shower, for example, guests comply by bringing towels or small appliances.Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. My sister is having a “graduation party” for her child in Kindergarten.

The bride-to-be may decide to give her fiance a small engagement present, such as a pair of cuff links, a watch, or a key chain.

Has this become a new tradition and do I buy a gift? It doesn’t fall under the traditional graduation ceremony, but if you are invited to a party in someone’s honor, you should bring a gift.

Much like you would at a birthday party or a baby shower, it would be uncomfortable to show up empty handed. [ Read More ]How you handle negative emotions can directly affect your health.

It is traditional for you to both give and receive a gift at this time.

The new parents traditionally present the Godparents with a token of their appreciation for becoming mentors of their new arrival.

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