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Check out these seven signs that your boyfriend or girlfriend is too insecure for a relationship. They're paranoid about people who are liking your Instagram photos...

Oh, and make sure you’re self-aware enough to recognize whether or not They're sulky when you're hanging out with your friends. These are all signs that your partner is way too smothering.

But before I go on, it should be noted that we all have insecurities. Or maybe I’m insecure about my thick layer of fabulous body hair.

We all have areas of our lives in which we aren’t 100% confident. A gypsy woman once offered me forty dollars to shave me down and make a sweater from my coat.

Some people are able to get past insecurities rather quickly and others hang onto it forever.

This can lead to super possessive behavior, which can be ultra annoying This is a huge red flag.

Anyone who doesn't trust you is going to make your relationship utter hell, dude.

Those who wrap themselves in positivity and pretend they have no insecurities.

Those who verbally (and constantly) doubt themselves and put themselves down.

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