Dating lame

In reality, that won’t happen; we’re going to have to go out there, and go on the dates and talk on the phone to get to know someone. Behind the scenes, I’m always looking for ways to help out the dating world. Minutes seem like hours when that phone doesn’t ring. In this case, thank her for saving you a lifetime of misery and let her go.If she actually means it’s definitely you, then bye-bye baby doll. What she’s really saying is, “I don’t see you taking care of me so you are, therefore, undateable.” Don’t be fooled, most women are sizing up your wallet from minute one.

It is especially difficult when the object of your affection uses a lame excuse to do the actual breaking up.

But the intended effect of Tinder, Ok Cupid, and their ilk hasn't always panned out — and the estimated 22% of adults ages 25 to 34 who are swiping aren't always looking for love. "It's not necessarily an app where the objective is meeting the person," Lorenzo, 29, a frequent Tinder user, told Mic.

"It's another way to explore."What's motivating that exploration?

The dating world is a great place for everyone; relationships are hard work, and marriages… In an effort to expedite your dating lives, I decided to post: “The Dating Questionnaire.” This questionnaire was written by a friend of mine; I found it to be hilarious.

I’d like to introduce the author of the survey, her name is Single Brown Female. Is there anything you want to tell me up front so you don’t have to waste the next few minutes answering the remaining questions because you know damn well this will not work?

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