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I will say that he may need some sort of cooling off period from his active duty if it was that recent that he is still getting therapy.My experience has been that guys that come back from Iraq tend to be risk takers and are pretty much crazy for a while.Expect sleepless nights, and bouts of being on the receiving end of awkward silences. You need to try your hardest to understand, get him to eventually talk about it (preferably to a professional) and pretty much avoid all triggers — like war movies. You will be inundated with more random facts about places like the Middle East or the South than you care to cram into your brain. I won a round of trivia just because I knew the currency in Bahrain. I am a sucker for someone who is passionate about his work. They are modern day heroes; if that’s not something to be proud of, I’m not quite sure what is! Basically, dating a Generation Y military man is no different than dating anyone else. His may be unimaginable to you, but that does not make him any better or worse.Fun facts are everywhere, and it doesn’t hurt for you to sound more worldly too! Dating a service member is not all fun and games; it takes a lot of work and patience, but if you are interested in the person and not just the uniform, then he is definitely worth the pursuit.You\'ll appear on top in search results, have unlimited access to the site and all its features! The free online dating scene plays an important role nowadays as it gives possibilities for shy people or those with a busy lifestyle.Ireland Dating evaluated over the years and people tend to spend more and more time in cyber space to try out at first and than engage in conversations, messaging, chatting, singles events etc.When he finally woke, his right leg was gone, which marked the beginning of a long and excruciating road toward his recovery.

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My grandfather was a Marine, and he was always a total hardass (in a bad way), so I'll admit to some bias here. Some guys get really hung up on the "Marine for life" thing and that is their only identity.

I haven't found out the guy's whole story yet, but I know he's in physical therapy for his knee, so I assume he was deployed to Iraq and returned on the injured list. Avoid them at all costs, since they are severely f'ed up.

Others are just regular people who signed up to get college paid for.

It just so happens that I look good in underwear," he honestly says.

Two years after joining the Marines and shipping off to Afghanistan, the San Diego man, then 21, drove over an improvised explosive device, which sent him in a coma.

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