Dating of the book of mark

They date this gospel to within ten years of the supposed death of Jesus.They begin by falling in line with the untested and unquestioned assumption of their peers that assumes that the gospels are based on a historical Jesus.There are three pieces of evidence to consider: title, external evidence, and internal evidence.As with Matthew’s Gospel, no manuscripts which contain Mark affirm authorship by anyone other than Mark.Barnabas took Mark, who was his cousin (Col ), and departed for Cyprus.

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Mark’s gospel flies in the face of that supposition.Words of practical advice from Schweitzer and Schwartz to Hobsbawm and Thompson are dismissed.Discussions by Elton and Carr on historiography are misrepresented.There is no evidence for this proposition, so biblical scholars proceed by means of a circular methodology to discover the evidence they need to support it by analyzing different parts of the gospel texts.Cultural tradition and contemporary public and institutional support for this process enables it to flourish unquestioned, and give licence to its practitioners to ignore or ridicule any attempts to expose their circularity.

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