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Qa4 Re8 and now White has to give up the Queen for Black's rook, and it's just a matter of time before Black wins...: One cute line is as follows: 11 Bxg7 ... 0-0 13 Rb1 (suddenly losing Qxa2 is essential to protect the f7 square) ...

Most would probably not have played at Curacao in such circumstances, and I agree-it was likely foolhardy, especially in that enervating climate. There is the well-known photo of Fischer visiting him in hospital during the candidates, but Tal's event was done with by then. White can then play for the win of the e-pawn and it is unclear what compensation his opponent will have for its loss.

In his book Tal said he was suffering from kidney colic around that time. My point was that it is very easy to criticise after the fact, especially in the manner used by the above-named poster, who offered up nothing but banalities in his criticism-not a hint of a constructive idea to be seen.

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