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It wasn’t until later in the semester when I really got to know Ben when I found him more attractive.When we date we are trying to find someone who we want to spend eternity with, that person needs to have a lot more qualities than being attractive, and there are many things that each of us desire in a eternal companion. I wanted someone who was funny and could make me laugh.Our study brings new insights and tools to the study of phase transitions in combinatorial optimisation.*Prices in US$ apply to orders placed in the Americas only.This is a necessary part of attraction, but not the most important part.When I first met Ben, we were in the same Family Home-evening Group at BYU-Idaho. He was shy and didn’t talk much so we didn’t get to know each other very well.

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For the topic this week I thought I would talk about the journey of dating, and the wonderful end result of marriage.

In Hawkins’ book, Successful Marriages and Families he talks about the different steps that lead to marriage: The Awareness and Acquaintance Phase, Transition from Acquaintance to Buildup, The Buildup Phase, and lastly, Commitment and Continuation.

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