Dating premier drum badges

They may be Premier Elite drums, something about the tom mount looks familiar, nice drums, enjoy!Actually the kit is missing the tom arm mount from the bass drum.If you’re fortunate enough, your drum might even have a date stamp on the inside of its shell.But unlikely as it may seem, the broadcast of one television show in early 1964 played an unwitting role in helping to date more closely one particular brand of drum.As always, we are learning and researching and adding new items to this web site, like our rare and never seen Ludwig Factory Videos from 1964! Since we can't list it all here, our Vintage Drum Guide houses all the research and history on Ludwig Drums and that is the place to do more research!Thanks for stopping by and take a look at our special e Bay searches on our Ludwig Shopping Page.

There is an entire section devoted to Ludwig Drums, including the history of Ludwig Drums, drum badges, drum finishes and catalog pages on their snare drums as well as drum sets.

If it is a resonator kit you will not see any screw heads inside,the apk series had no re rings,and black interiors,but I don't think they had lugs that looked like yours,and I don't think they made square mounted toms.

Wow, these bring back good memories of hanging around Andertons Music store in the UK a good few years ago!

Any information regarding these drums would be appreciated, as I have little experience in the Premier drum line.

Thanks Premier had a couple of pro lines in the 70's 80's,it looks like you have black interiors,if you look inside at the shells,if you see no re rings,you could have a resonator black shadow kit,the put an inside ply from re ring to re ring so it looks like a straight sided unobstructed shell, I believe the resonators came in a black laquer finish,and also one that had a purple tinge like yours, I am sure the Premier guys will be along to clarify/correct me.

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