Dating priceless video

#strongertogether,' Schumer wrote, alongside a topless photo of herself laying down on a chaise. I just want to say - I'm sober first of all, no drinking - im tired, a lot of work today... I hope you have a good night too,' Schumer says from her bed.

I'm grateful to be alive right now during this time.

Archaeologist Christopher Sparey-Green discovered the 1,600-year-old coffin in 1969 after organising the excavation of the Roman Poundbury cemetery to save artefacts from developers.Mr Sparey-Green said: “I never thought I would be seeing the coffin in this state after all these years.” He added: “I am rather angry and disappointed.It is disappointing that it was left vulnerable to this destruction.” Mr Sparey-Green discovered what had happened when he was told by a resident that a sarcophagus had been vandalised.During an interview with Power 106, host Big Boy went in for the kill and asked Nicki if Meek Mill was her “man” or “partner.” Caught off guard, the “Only” rapper looked bewildered at the inquiry, unsure of where it came from. After a little blushing banter, Nicki denied romantic involvement with Meek.

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