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So starting a conversation with your Aquarius partner on the first date should not be a problem if you reveal an interest in culture, science, travel, social issues or a host of other topics.

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I am a Leo, but much, much different than the ones you describe.

So naturally, in hopes of reaffirming how much we DO indeed fancy this hot little entity, we have sex with him or her.

Only to discover this person is far more concerned with getting him or herself off than getting us off. I don’t care how beautifully stunning, hyper-intelligent or mega-successful these people are; if they aren’t interested in making us hot and are only focused on their own enjoyment, it’s time to RUN away faster than a wild cat soars across the great expanse of the desert in the heat of a midsummer’s night.

So if you are dating an Aquarius woman, here is what you can look forward to.

TIP: Know your Aquarius girl - ask her the right questions.

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