Dating someone with opposite political beliefs dating out of your comfort zone

The extent to which two partners are able to respectfully debate sensitive issues such as politics may depend on the strength of the overall communication, a fundamental indicator of relationship success.

A woman I worked with in therapy—I’ll call her Susan—was recently divorced and just getting back into the dating world.

However, in case you have been buried under a rock or have been living on a deserted island without access to modern technology and news channels, 2016 is not only a presidential election year, but it is also shaping up to be one of the outrageous and controversial election years of all time.

This is due, in large part to Donald Trump, the frontrunner for the Republican nomination, who has plenty of provocative things to say about just about thing in his path, and Hilary Clinton, who has also experienced her share of controversy.

Outside of a minority of people who are deeply rooted in the political process, most people spend a relatively small amount of time either cheering for the person they selected or against the person they didn’t. Dating someone with different political beliefs work, and for some, it can even work out quite well.

Fair warning: Couples who are staunch in opposite political thought often have quite a bit to duke it out over.

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With an especially heated election season upon us, how do couples with strongly divided political views avoid being torn apart?This strategy may also serve to maintain privacy and one’s sense of autonomy, essential ingredients for a healthy partnership.At a 2003 meeting of the International Communication Association in San Diego, California, one presenter described political discussions as a type of “civic engagement” that had the potential to not only contribute to political tolerance on a broader level, but to strengthen interpersonal bonds.D., author of is triggered by the current political climate, which has exposed an underbelly of misogyny, racism, and other issues in America.But when couples disagree, it’s not really about who you’re voting for—it’s about the values that candidate represents.” Jack, a single 29-year-old New York–based software engineer and die-hard Bernie supporter, says he uses politics to gauge long-term romantic compatibility.

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