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It’s not like she’s telling you she loves you or anything.” By doing so, there’s no mind games! Plus, if he wasn’t exactly vibing with you, it could be seen as emotionally neutral.You’re not proclaiming your love for him, but rather acknowledging the fact that you simply enjoyed his company.You met at a bar, he asked for your number but will he actually call?Stereotypes exist in all kinds of situations: ask any woman where the worst place to find a good man is, and they'll inevitably either reply with either a bar or a nightclub.I felt a little awkward, I only moved back up to the town two weeks ago and I came alone so I kinda just stayed to myself the first hour. Go to ones that are really busy, so you feel comfortable dancing alone. Over the course of the evening, you may eventually end up talking to one of more women as a result. If you go there for the place and you happen to meet someone you can call or hang out with somewhere else another time, great - but that's a bonus, not a goal.I was hoping I could spot a girl alone and go talk to her but they all travel in packs so I got up my courage to infiltrate a group of three sitting at a table. IF we drink, it may very well be a soft drink, as many women also dance with little or no alcohol in them. If this doesn't appeal to you, then find other ways to meet women. Yeah, I know I know men have been thinking it is for years. Nightclubs are for drinking, dancing, having fun, hanging with friends, people watching and/or enjoying the music or entertainment. If you see a woman you want to dance withor talk to, catch her before she gets on the dance floor or gets in a huddle with her friends.

They’re also where you find other folks on a weekend night who don’t have a date.2.

People in bars are generally in the mood for fun and relaxation.

They’ve come to a bar for the express purpose of having a good time, and they’re feeling social. Getting out and learning to approach strangers, signal attraction, and engage in conversation, i.e.

Random encounters are the fourth most common way that married couples meet (after school, work, and friends of friends).

It’s just as legit as meeting someone at a bus stop or baseball game.

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