Dating vintage yamaha drums

An Atmospheric Chinese Zither instrument dating back to 200 B. A detailed instrument with 10 velocity layers and 3 round robin layers per note.The only sampled Guzheng with realistic pitch bend and expressive tremolo performance scripting.I have never seen a Radio King thus equipped but it was possible.Tone flanges were made from solid brass with holes, solid aluminum with holes and solid aluminum without holes.

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Before reading about specific drums, it helps to know the general form categories that drums fall into.

For over 40 years, millions of musicians have used the Yamaha FG as the perfect tool to express their music.

FGs gained the respect due to thet quality, dependability, playability and value.

A fat hubcap shaped flange rested on the ring under the head and top hoop. According to the 1928 catalog, It rejuvenates and clarifies the tone and staccato notes pop out like the crack of a machine gun.

The tone flange was actually still available in the late 1930s and could conceivably be ordered on a Radio King drum.

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