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Dating is hard enough, but it’s even harder as an independent woman.She has a full life, thanks to her great friends and family, awesome job and fulfilling hobbies.Once considered a realm inhabited only by the socially awkward, online dating is now just another tool in the toolbox, no matter whether you’re looking for a hook-up or your soulmate.....

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Some forums can only be seen by registered members.The two services used by these individuals were OKCupid and, two of the largest and most popular dating websites on the Internet.What I learned from carrying out an interview of a female and the interview of a male trying to dig into this intriguing subject was that using the Internet for dating is equally painful for men and for women, but for very different reasons.I am actually Colombian, my family is Colombian, and more importantly (aside from my height, 6’2″) I look Colombian.I have lived my entire life, barring the past 5 years of course, in Southern California.

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    I did meet my girlfriend online, but after a year of painful struggle, meaning hardly any dates despite being educated, employed, and reasonably attractive.

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    Im training to be a mental health nurse so im a student again after 12 years of working in mental health which Hello, I'm a quiet until you get to know me kind of girl; can be sarcastic, but witty!! Like nights in watching movies and various tv series (not the soaps though! I enjoy good company especially with a nice bottle of wine in front I like interesting conversations, walking by the sea, being in nature, spirituality, the mind and how it works. I like interesting, sometimes slightly quirky people who have a depth to their personality.