Dating yorihuzi

Disruption of the ER α-mannosidase gene in yeast (10, 11) and inhibition of ER Man I in mammalian cells (13, 14) both prevent ERAD.We recently reported the molecular cloning of mouse EDEM (-antitrypsin and accelerates its degradation (15).Emid2 has 13 cysteine residues in the N-terminal portion of the first noncollagenous region and 2 clusters of gly-X-Y collagen-like repeats.Northern blot analysis detected highest expression in neonatal testis and ovary, with lower expression in adult testis and ovary.However, we recently used reverse genetics to identify evolutionarily conserved RNA structures and sequences required for norovirus replication.

The deduced 438-amino acid protein contains an N-terminal signal sequence, followed by 3 noncollagenous domains separated by 2 collagenous domains.

The suprastructures play functional roles in cell adhesion, cell differentiation, tissue development, and the structural integrity of organs.

Collagen suprastructures are assembled from a large family of gene products called α-chains.

In situ hybridization of mouse embryos detected Emid2 expression in somites and in mesenchymal cells of the head and branchial arches at embryonic day 9.5.

At later developmental stages, Emid2 was expressed in mesenchyme of the salivary gland, the inner ear, and the developing kidney nephrons adjacent to Emid1-positive epithelium.

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