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Functions: Exercises oversight responsibility for the Naval Military Personnel Command, Navy Recruiting Command, and Naval Civilian Personnel Center. 1967); supplement in National Archives microfiche edition of preliminary inventories. Navy until a separate Department of the Navy was established by act of April 30, 1798 (1 Stat. Personnel duties centralized in the immediate office of the Secretary of the Navy, 1798-1862, assisted by the Board of Navy Commissioners, established by act of February 7, 1815 (3 Stat. Navy armed guard units aboard merchant vessels, 1943-45. Muster rolls of ships and shore establishments, 1898-1939. Microfilm copies of muster rolls of ships, stations, and other naval activities, 1939-71 (25,279 rolls), with indexes. Photographs (5,483 images): Navy and Marine Corps commissioned and non-commissioned officers and their families, 1904-38 (P, PP, PA, PB, PC, PD). 24.3.2 Records relating to enlisted men Textual Records: Records, 1885-1941, relating to enlisted men who served between 18 (340 ft.). Microfilm copy of an index to rendezvous reports, muster rolls, and other personnel records, 1846-84 (67 rolls). Enlistment returns, changes, and reports, 1846-1942. World War II administrative history of the Bureau of Naval Personnel, prepared by the Planning and Control Activity, n.d.

123, Records of the Bureau of Naval Personnel," NM 74 (Jan. 24.2.3 Muster rolls Textual Records: Muster rolls of ships, 1860-1900; and ships and stations, 1891-1900. Records concerning discharges and desertions, 1882-1920. Microfilm Publications: T1098, T1099, T1100, T1101. 24.3.3 Records relating to naval apprentices Textual Records: Certificates of consent for minors, 1838-67. 24.6.1 Records of the Chaplains Division History: Established 1917 to centralize administration of expanded force of navy chaplains. Federal laws respecting naval militias and NNV repealed, July 1, 1918, and Division of Naval Militia Affairs subsequently discontinued. Records of the Administrative and Management Division, consisting of Bureau general correspondence, 1946-60; Bureau secret general correspondence, 1957-60; Bureau confidential general correspondence, 1925-60; case files of Bureau of Personnel instructions, 1950-86; and the document collection of the Technical Library, 1900-85.

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The researchers searched through 20 metres of sediment located at between 20 to 40 metres below the lake floor.

Bureau of Navigation redesignated Bureau of Naval Personnel, 1942. 24.2.1 Correspondence Textual Records: Letters sent to the President, Congressmen, and Executive departments, 1877-1911; the Secretary of the Navy, naval establishments, and officers, 1850-1911; commandants, 1862- 1911; and enlisted personnel and apprentices, 1864-1911. Indexes and registers of letters sent and received, and of general correspondence, 1862-1903. naval ships and stations, 1801-1946 (72,500 vols., 8,060 ft.), and 1945-61 (12,000 vols., 6,980 ft.); with indexes and lists, 1801-1940. General records of the Physical Fitness Section, 1942-46, and the Recreation Services Section, 1943-46, of the Special Services Division.Security-Classified Records: This record group may include material that is security-classified. 24.2 GENERAL RECORDS OF THE BUREAU OF NAVAL PERSONNEL AND ITS PREDECESSORS 1801-1966 History: War Department, established by act of August 7, 1789 (1 Stat. 202), and abolished by act of August 31, 1842 (5 Stat. Responsibility for detailing (assigning) officers delegated to Office of Detail, 1861 (SEE 24.4). Logs of the German merchant vessels Prinz Waldemar and Prinz Sigismund, 1903-14. Manuscript ("rough") log and night order book of the U. 24.2.4 Records of units attached to the Bureau of Navigation Textual Records: Letters sent by the Signal Office, 1869-86. Identification, 1917-21, and age, 1862-63, certificates. Registers, rosters, and records showing complements, 1799-1909. Records of the Personnel Diary Section, consisting of microfilm copies of muster rolls, 1948-59.Related Records: Record copies of publications of the Bureau of Naval Personnel in RG 287, Publications of the U. Responsibility for enlisting and recruiting navy personnel assigned to Bureau of Equipment and Recruiting, 1862 (SEE 24.5). Communication logs and signal record books, 1897-1922. Records of the Coast Signal Service, 1898, consisting of correspondence regarding the establishment of signal stations; headquarters correspondence; correspondence of district headquarters with signal stations; letters sent and correspondence of the First District Office, Boston, MA (in Boston), Second District Office, New York, NY (in New York), Third District Office, Norfolk, VA (in Philadelphia), Fourth District Office, Charleston, SC (in Atlanta), Fifth District Office, Jacksonville, FL (in Atlanta), Sixth District Office, Pensacola, FL (in Atlanta), and Seventh District Office, New Orleans, LA (in Fort Worth); and vessel movement telegrams. 24.2.5 Other records Textual Records: Annual reports of the Chief of the Bureau of Navigation, 1897-1904. Applications and registers of employees, 1861-1915. Records showing complements of ships and shore units, 1891-1913. 24.3 RECORDS RELATING TO NAVAL OFFICERS, ENLISTED MEN, AND APPRENTICES 1798-1943 24.3.1 Records relating to naval officers Textual Records: Application, examination, and appointment records, 1838-1940. Personnel jackets and other records, 1900-25, including a microfilm copy of index to officers' jackets (2 rolls). Records of the Training Division, consisting of historical files of Navy training activities, 1940-45; program files relating to the V-12 program, 1942-48; program files relating to officer training, 1928-46; records relating to U. Naval Academy expansion, 1962-63; and program files relating to the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps, 1964-68.Letters sent concerning civilian personnel, 1903-9; and aviation, 1911- 12. Correspondence relating to vessels, personnel, and naval activities, 1885-1921. Records of the Publicity and Advertising Section, Recruiting and Induction Division, relating to the navy recruiting program, 1940-45. Letters received from officers, 1862-85; and commandants of navy yards, 1862-85. Indexes and registers of letters sent and received, 1862-90. 510), as one of three bureaus created to supersede the Bureau of Construction, Equipment, and Repair, one of the original Navy Department bureaus established by the act abolishing the Board of Navy Commissioners (5 Stat. Initially responsible for providing nautical charts and instruments and for supervising the Naval Observatory, Hydrographic Office, and Nautical Almanac Office. Hydrographic Office formally transferred to Bureau of Equipment, successor to Bureau of Equipment and Recruiting, by General Order 72, Department of the Navy, May 9, 1898, implementing an act of May 4, 1898 (30 Stat. Hydrographic Office and Naval Observatory (which had absorbed the Nautical Almanac Office, 1894, and the Office of the Superintendent of Compasses, 1906) returned to Bureau of Navigation, July 1, 1910, pursuant to an act of June 24, 1910 (36 Stat. Photographs (648 images): Of paintings and other graphic media relating to navy events, 1917-45 (FP, 64 images). Transferred to Personnel Division, December 1, 1909, where Office of Naval Militia established, 1911. 24.6.4 Records of the Division of Officers and Fleet History: Successor in the Bureau of Navigation to the Office of Detail, 1889. 24.6.5 Records of the Naval Academy Division History: Bureau of Navigation, upon its establishment in 1862, assumed supervision of the U. Naval Academy from the Bureau of Ordnance and Hydrography. Correspondence with foreign stations, 1920; and relating to ports, 1918-20. 24.6.7 Records of the Training Division History: Established April 19, 1917, to administer training programs for enlisted men in World War I. Administrative correspondence relating to training units, 1917-22.

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