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Anyone transporting or possessing live conditional reptiles is required to have a python removal permit.

Trapper list and registration Anyone transporting or possessing live venomous reptiles is required to have a captive wildlife permit.

The statutes allow a person to kill any unprotected bird or wild animal doing damage to poultry, crops, domestic animals on the person's property.

Any deer taken under this provision shall be subject to investigation by the local conservation officer to determine whether or not the potential existed at the time of taking for damage to have occurred.

Summary: These New Hampshire statutes establish a wildlife damages control program to respond to conflicts between wildlife and people. 2-c Wildlife Damage Control Program; Administration. Depredation permits shall be issued following the procedures in this paragraph.

A person who suffers loss or damage to livestock, bees, orchards or growing crops, by bear or mountain lion, may receive compensation from the state.

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