Divorced mom dating younger man Wow ciat cam

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The fact is that relationships, whether dating or married, are hard.On the other hand, I am interested in seeing where this goes. There’s less baggage to deal with as there usually are no ex-wives or kids.It’s the same reasoning we hear when men explain why they prefer younger women. When they decide they want to date someone seriously, we’re gone.Should I take his word at face value or do I remove myself from the situation all together and while he dates other people? I find dating younger men (early to late thirties) somewhat unsettling.I feel like I can’t really completely invest in the relationship knowing he’s dating other women or get comfortable enough to really let him get to know me. I am used to going on a several dates and then pursuing a relationship if you determine there is something there. If he were genuinely trying to assess the compatibility between you two you wouldn’t have to make a special request to see him more often. Obviously, they are in better shape and the sex is better, etc etc.

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