Dns pointer record not updating singles dating miami

Hello, We have started to have lookup problems in out network.

When a new client gets an IP address, DHCP doesn't update DNS with the record. The DHCP and DNS are on the same box (which is also the primary DC).

That doesn't exactly seem to be the case from your experience, but might be close.... Massimo, are you able to pull a wireshark trace and check the DHCPREQUEST Packet?

There should be a flag set to "1" if the client is supposed to update both the A record and PTR record.

This global parameter, Open ACLOn Proxy Updates, disables previously existing functionality where the DNS Update Proxy Group can be overridden by sources which are not part of the DNS Update Proxy Group.

Additionally, when performing a secure dynamic update, Open ACLOn Proxy Updates is set to 0.

If Office 365 manages your DNS records, to route traffic to an existing public website hosted outside of Office 365, after you add your domain to Office 365, do the following.

After you create the necessary zone files, you can add records to the zones.

Computers that need to be accessed from Active Directory and DNS domains must have DNS records.

I've noticed that webmin isn't creating reverse PTR records when adding an A record to a DNS zone if another PTR with the same address already exists.

Picking the "Yes, and replace existing" option when creating the A record will work.

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