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Some of the gameplay may be a little different from traditional dating games.

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To build your relationship you must talk to potential dates, ask them questions (and remember their answers) and give them gifts.The show looks to contain two elements familiar to devotees of Investigation Discovery’s programming: first-person narration and fictionalized dramatization mix in order to give as accurate a presentation of past events as possible.“Intimate first-person storytelling,” the show’s promo materials promise, “meets a gritty Southern backdrop in Shreveport, Louisiana.” And it won’t take long for viewers to understand exactly how Detective Demery became the chosen one of the title: his own mother was murdered when Rod was just three years old. Then, when Demery was in his 20s, his brother was convicted of murder, and given a life sentence.“It’s how you will find a match who truly makes sense for you - both your relationship needs and wants,” dating expert Lauren House told Bustle.Checking out potential partners online is a way of saving time, energy and money.

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