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We are an organized group of local artists, engineers, makers, creators, and thinkers that work together to collect tools and resources for our membership, who could not otherwise afford, store, or use them individually.

We use these resources to collaborate on individual and community projects in order to promote science and technology, while working and experimenting on innovative ideas to encourage learning within our community.

Perhaps the best known is that old chestnut "he bowled a maiden over" to describe a man being successful with a gal, as well as "he bats for the other team" aka "he bowls from the Paddington end" used to describe a gay man.

These are pretty old school - as are others like "sticky wicket", "let it go through to the keeper" and "hit for six" - so I've put together a list of some more current usages, which you should feel free to augment ...

We swam in the nearby lake, we played basketball and soccer in the twilight of the summer evenings, when the Texas heat gave way. And for all intents and purposes we were happy in our little house.

On the days (most of them) when they were not with me I thrashed and struggled with my life and the impending loss of my newly established home.

Every good bad-guy needs his henchmen, assemble the robot that is known for causing destruction in the Dr. Exterminate your enemies or turn the evil Cyberman to the good side with this do-it-yourself kit that includes the identifiable Cyberman head, ear handles, robotic tentacle cables, wheels and a motor and circuit modules for the base.

The model can also be upgraded to develop light sensitivity -- as well as object awareness -- as it roams around your room, by connecting the circuits.

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Yeah, I'm talking about ex-boyfriends, ex-bonks, ex-one night stands, ex-pashes, ex-crushes and all the the other dudes who've ever been part of her life, continue to want to be, as well as the ones she'll no doubt meet in the future.

I appeared to land on my feet at a fairly high-profile and well-paying gig. I knew with the way credit works that I needed to establish myself as a home owner as quickly as possible.

When I was “off” I had my sister and her two kids to keep me company. I was so lucky.” My divorce was finalized in August of 2010 and my next full-time job came along in December of that year.

Find out in ICU Dating Series' seventh episode, Insanely British.

Who DIY Cyberman lets you be the creator of your own motorized evil cyber bot.

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