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They make a very cute and extremely talented couple.” Saoirse is best known for her Oscar-nominated roles in the movies Neither the actress nor the singer have commented on their alleged romance.

However, Hozier has spoken in the past at his annoyance at the fact that tabloids insist on linking him with various women with whom he has no romantic relationship, like Taylor Swift, for example.

Their adventures and sometimes mis-adventures usually cause them to interact with other characters. He has 'happy sandals', and is a frequent viewer of The Mighty Measel Moles, a Star Trek parody, both of which Buddy hates. Buddy AKA Doug (voiced by Pat Mc Kenna) – An orange squirrel. Betsy and Buster appear cute and innocent, but are the worst of the lot.

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Molly becomes intrigued by a new guy Ted but is still seeing Sean.He has many catchphrases, such as his trademark 'Yee! He suffers incredibly from the antics of Ed, and everyone else (through either neglect or abuse), and only ends the episode happily in two episodes. Thursty (Thurston Plumtickler III) (voiced by Kedar Brown) - A large, brown dog. They are very rich, due to their high paying jobs as top mitten testers. He lives in a house shaped liked a shell, surrounded by a moat. He appears infrequently compared to everybody else in the neighborhood, and is shy and nervous. Heiny (voiced by Damon Papadopoulos) - A Scottish Terrier who wears a kilt and has a Scottish accent who is a crossing guard.He still does consider himself good friends with Ed. He enjoys nuts, and has a car with a giant acorn for a roof. Also they ride unicycles as in "Best Ed The Movie". Quacken (voiced by Jamie Watson) - A tall green duck who wears glasses and a white jacket. Whenever he gives Buddy the bill, he uses "duck bill humor". Heiny appears to have a temper as he was yelling most of the time.Best Ed is produced by 9 Story Entertainment and animated using Adobe Flash software. Miss Fluffé (voiced by Carolyn Scott) - A yellow hamster.The series follows two anamorphic animals, Ed and Buddy, a dog and a squirrel respectively, who live in the town of Swellville. ' He has a speech impediment which makes him often say 'sh' rather than 's'. He is well liked by everyone in the neighborhood, although he considers Buddy his best friend. Miss Fluffé resembles the stereotypical fortune teller, but this is not an often employed trait. The Kitten Twins (Betsy voiced by Sarah Commisso, Buster voiced by Tessa Marshall) - Pink cats.

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