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The Timorous Deep is an ocean zone with three islands: Chrykori Isle, Gorowyn, and the Isle of Mok.

It is possible to swim between the islands, but more practical to take the griffon routes instead.

This zone includes the city of Gorowyn, which is the starting city for the Sarnak.

It is also an optional starting city for Humans, Gnomes, Kerrans, Erudites, Half Elves, Barbarians, Ratonga, Dark Elves.

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All harvestables sell, some for more cash than others. They are found in all zones, and in newer zones, match the terrain in which they are found (rocks in caves, for instance, or dens around animal areas). We are going to be making close to the usual amount of heroic and raid content, maybe a bit more, but this expansion we will be making more Solo and Advanced Solo dungeons as well. The volcanic islands of Timorous Deep are home to the enlightened and liberated Sarnaks of Kunark.We’ll be bringing the servers down at midnight on February 15th to begin patching to the live servers. Here we are, perched on the precipice of another big launch for our beloved game, EQII.Next week is a big week for us and for you, the players of this grand game.

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