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For services to International Business, Culture and the City of London. (Oxfordshire) The Rt Hon Richard Geoffrey James Ottaway, MP. Unfortunately, Tay seems to be the only one who doesn’t know that Stacy plays for the other team, and when her brother (a friend of Tay’s) tells him “Dude, my sister’s gay! The two girls finally move in closer and nuzzle a little — but alas, no kiss.” Tay foolishly thinks he still has a chance, because “Tay beats gay.” (If you’re wondering what that sound is, it’s a million lesbians rolling their eyes.)At prom, when Tay is pulling out all of his best break-dancing moves (even The Robot! (you can guess where this is headed): Stacy: But I like girls. (This is still ABC Family, after all — nevermind that they have a show dedicated to sorority girls who sleep with everything that moves.)Stacy smiles up happily at Tay, who winks at her as he finishes his song. American readers can watch the whole episode now on

However, though it’s been favored by some critics, the series has never been a big hit for the cable channel and has only been given 10 episode renewals each season. Are you upset or surprised that the series has been cancelled?, which Stunt Double teased last week, the openly gay minister’s daughter Stacy (Sharon Pierre-Louis) finally got up the nerve to ask the girl she has a crush on to dance — and she said yes. So Stacy takes Cassie’s younger brother Tay (Mishon Ratliff) instead, because’s he’s nice and safe (he’s only 14). No one else at the prom gives them a second glance, except Stacy’s dad, who leaves in a huff (he was a chaperone). At the beginning of the episode, Stacy is bitching to a sympathetic Cassie (Erica Hubbard) and her boyfriend Charles (Robert Adamson) about how prom is only fun “if you’re straight,” but she won’t ask Kelly (Tiffany Hines) to the prom because she’s “not even sure she likes girls.” When Stacy finally does ask Kelly if she’s going to the prom with anyone, Kelly says yes (some guy asked her) and totally misses why Stacy is asking her this in the first place. After some awkward banter about how beautiful they both look, Stacy asks Kelly to dance. They start to slow-dance together, awkwardly at first.They finally did and that kicked off in September 2008.The audience grew and the show became the cable channel’s top performer among Females 12-34 and Female teens.

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