Error occured validating the name

What are the code changes that are to be made in my present and files?

——————————————————– Microsoft Exchange Error ——————————————————– Cannot activate database copy ‘Activate Database Copy…’. [Database: MB-HO-03, Server:] An Active Manager operation failed.

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Hello everyone, I’ve had a few cases already, where our customers came across a rare problem: They were building Visual Studio Installer projects with Team Build of Team Foundation Server 2010 and the build failed with the error: “An error occurred while validating. When running the build process again, it usually succeeded.

function to display errors that occurred on the server-side.

When an invalid field is edited the error message will dynamically change or disappear depending on the input.

But there is a tweak which will help you to enable the same and you will now be allowed to build the MSI setup project from the command line itself.

When the user starts fixing the values each error message will magically disappear once the input is valid. The tool validates all input fields except buttons and hidden fields inside a particular form.

You can also select particular fields and validate them.

do you want to remove name, city and all those fields?

or you want to add new fields by keeping previous fields as it is?? so clerify your this, your previous question here‌​erp/…

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