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Instead of copying their guitars at lower costs, ESP decided to take all the ingredients and surpass what Fender and Gibson made, with a spare-no-expense attitude.

Navigator guitars are the highest-end of all ESP guitars.

ESP replacement parts were first introduced into the US in 1983 and began crafting custom instruments for local New York artists between 1984 and '85.

Among these artists were Page Hamilton (Helmet), Vernon Reid (Living Colour), Vinnie Vincent and Bruce Kulick (KISS), and Ronnie Wood (The Rolling Stones).

At this time, ESP also introduced the 400 Series as the first production line to be distributed in the US.

During this same period, ESP began making the bodies and necks for Kramer Guitars and other manufacturers were using ESP as an OEM such as Robin Guitars, Schecter Guitar Research and Di Marzio.

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Navigator guitars have the exact dimensionsof Fender and Gibson’s, but have amazing details that Fender and Gibson don’t even put on their own guitars.

Grass Roots guitars are aimed at the low cost market.

Like the other Japan-only line of ESP, Edwards, there are online dealerships for such guitars.

The numbers then go like this, using the above serial number as an example: K Number off the line that day So K0340506 was made in Kiso shop in 2003 on the 40th week, which was around mid-October that year, and was completed on the 5th day of that week (which, if I'm correct would have been Friday the 10th, but I only worked that out quickly) and was the 6th guitar finished that the knot in the back adds caractor...i even have a proper Shamalama Ding Dong custom here with 4 knots on the front that will also blow any other custom guitar away for the purpose its been made for..

I'm from a family that barely drift away from what we already know. i was attracted to the 12 fret inlay that says VIPER-10 its my radio "call sign" Viper and Ten-Ten is my nickname so when I saw VIPER-10 inlayed on the 12th fret i was compelled to pick it up and save it.

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