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More often than not, the no-filter funny girl would take a self-depreciating hit or pratfall—whatever it took to get a laugh.

And over the next few years that commitment to comedy helped her land a number of roles in film, including , Mc Carthy’s wit and unapologetic straight-talk have been lauded.

There's a zoo and, of course, the infamous grotto - a swimming pool in a large, dark cave that, let's just say, would have plenty of stories to tell.

Hefner opened his home to a select group on Tuesday night for a party to launch the new Amazon 10 episode TV documentary series about his life, Hefner's life story, and the way he used a naked Marilyn Monroe photo to launch his Playboy magazine, multi-media empire and brand, is told with a blend of old video interviews with Hefner and others close to him, as well as actors re-creating pivotal moments in his life. Of the many secrets the Playboy Mansion holds, the series' producer and noted documentarian, Stephen David, was stunned to discover one on his first tour of the home in October, 2015.

"First of all you are going to the Playboy Mansion which is impressive," David told AAP.

American Playboy begins in post-war America and takes us through the launch of Playboy magazine in 1953 and the next six decades of Hefner's life and career.

This will probably move Hef more than a hot tub full of Playboy bunnies! It was Hugh Hefner's 91st birthday Sunday and former girlfriend Kendra Wilkinson wished him a happy one with a heartfelt post.

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This series was intriguing, beguiling and fascinating.

Hef experienced extreme heart break when he found out his first love was cheating on him and then proceeded to insure his future relationships would never encounter such betrayal, what a supreme hypocrite!!

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