Fear intimidation sedating substances

In order to treat the psychosis and prevent recurrent drug abuse which might lead to another psychosis, the therapist should understand all parts of the process leading up to psychosis, including the root causes for the drug abuse and the addiction, the effect of the drugs on the body and the psychosis itself.This article reviews substance-induced psychosis and the process leading to the abuse, the addiction and the psychosis from both Western and traditional Chinese medicine and includes three case studies of patients with acute psychosis who were treated successfully.Intimidate means "Frighten or overawe (someone), esp.

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One out of three of those continuing the drug abuse will have a recurrent psychosis.

The severity of withdrawal depends on a number of factors, including the substance of abuse, (including prescription drugs) and duration of use, as well as the existence of medical problems such as heart or liver disease.

Some withdrawal symptoms, including headaches, anxiety, nausea, vomiting, sweating, irritability, insomnia and mild tremors are uncomfortable but relatively mild.

What probably has happened here is that your boss actually used (or has himself misheard and is consequently misusing) the verb intimate: Yes.

And as your examples show, *I will intimate him regarding this is also incorrect; intimate requires the matter communicated as its Direct Object and must express the Indirect Object with a prepositional phrase: I will intimate this to him.

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