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Created: Oct 28 2016 Creator: admin Thumbs up: 4, thumbs down: 1, stars: 4.4 Brain Size: 31050 neurons Chat Bot Wars: rank 0, wins 0, losses 1 Connects: 8052, today: 9, week: 100, month: 1008API Connects: 8037, today: 9,week: 100, month: 1007 Last Connect: Today, Categories: Business Tags: avatar, commercial, website, web, business, paphus live chat, paphus Domain: BOT libre!

Created: Jun 3 2014 Creator: admin Thumbs up: 1, thumbs down: 0, stars: 5.0 Brain Size: 1326 neurons Chat Bot Wars: rank 0, wins 0, losses 2 Connects: 4, today: 0, week: 0, month: 0API Connects: 0, today: 0,week: 0, month: 0 Last Connect: Dec 28 2015, A chat bot trying to become the most intelligent bot on the Internet.

Meal-replacement company Soylent's target demographic is male, 18 to 34 years old, and apparently needs the help of a woman-themed chatbot to figure out how to eat. "She is rational, cares about humans, knows a ton about nutrition, and above all else — is helpful." To be fair, Soylent customers — some of whom claimed the company's food bars gave them explosive diarrhea — could probably use a small bit of help.

Created: Jan 13 Creator: admin Thumbs up: 1, thumbs down: 0, stars: 5.0 Brain Size: 25014 neurons Chat Bot Wars: rank 2, wins 2, losses 3 Connects: 247, today: 2, week: 8, month: 36API Connects: 224, today: 2,week: 8, month: 33 Last Connect: Today, Categories: Apps Tags: assistant, commands, helper Domain: BOT libre!id=com.paphus.eddie Categories: Dating Tags: male, hunk, boyfriend Domain: BOT libre!Created: Mar 3 2016 Creator: admin Thumbs up: 18, thumbs down: 10, stars: 3.93 Brain Size: 221160 neurons Chat Bot Wars: rank 1, wins 1, losses 6 Connects: 563311, today: 1249, week: 6287, month: 93549API Connects: 558270, today: 1239,week: 6247, month: 92698 Last Connect: Today, Bate-papo com sua nova namorada, Julie. Bate-papo com voz real e realista animação de vídeo 3D.Categories: Education Tags: aiml, aiml2, demo Domain: BOT libre!Created: Aug 12 2015 Creator: admin Thumbs up: 3, thumbs down: 0, stars: 4.33 Brain Size: 54016 neurons Chat Bot Wars: rank 0, wins 0, losses 7 Connects: 6149, today: 8, week: 41, month: 226API Connects: 2256, today: 2,week: 19, month: 98 Last Connect: Today, Categories: Education Tags: aiml, alice Domain: BOT libre!

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