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I am not a social scientist, but I do have Asian friends.Preston Chaunsumlit was identified by Gawker and magazine as a "normcore" icon recently, but he is also a brilliant observer of how race is portrayed in popular culture.This is a reality for another group as well—Asian men are also less likely to be married than their female counterparts. That we continue to aspire to marriage—an institution invented purely for financial purposesand look at people who are not married as if they have some sort of stain on their character is the real problem.Black women and Asian men should start marrying each other in droves. That's the issue that needs to be widely discussed and studied by social scientists.She is gaining some very rich experience and so is her son. It may surprise some that American sisters and African sisters are also living happily in Korea with their husbands and children.I have seen this on the program called “Love in Asia” that airs on the KBS network their profiling foreigners married to Korean citizens.

I hope they can get back in the swing of things and the mode of business as usual soon.

This is my own analysis regarding my interracial relationship with my parents.

It is based on only my viewpoint and my own memories and feelings.

It also means a married couple or romantic relationship made up a person with a black or African and Asian.

Blasian is more commonly known as With all the news about Korea electing their first woman president, they are still experiencing joy, shock or disgust depending upon their politics.

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