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Authorities are looking for Josh Ward who walked away from an Oregon Youth Authority work detail in Florence Wednesday afternoon.Ward, pictured to the right, was in the custody of OYA at Camp Florence for attempted sex abuse I and attempted robbery I.For the Art Smart Roundtable, the topic this month is “War and Peace”, and we have a contribution by Master Armourer Chris Dobson about some rather war-like activities common to Renaissance Florentine politics during times of peace.These days, turn on a TV during an election campaign and you will be subjected to the unedifying sight of interchangeable, grey-suited politicians parroting their parties’ scripted sound-bites, denigrating their opponents, and as usual refusing to answer the actual questions put to them by journalists.That puts the Ducks on the elimination track if they want to survive long enough to make it to Monday’s final series.

The student then called another to the rear of the bus and walked away.

Once the accusation was made, the teacher reviewed the bus surveillance tape, which allegedly showed what was believed to be a possible rape, the report stated.

Other school officials were then brought in to look at the footage.

offers us a fresh new look at one of history’s most important families.

The Medicis were a Florentine family of bankers who helped shape modern culture.

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