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The great and good of Hollywood knocked back Grey Goose Le Grand Fizz cocktails, with Harvey Weinstein leading the celebrations.

The sound of clinking glasses filled the air after the film was met with rave reviews.

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I miss having a full on gay neighborhood like in Seattle, there's options in Boston but they aren't very clustered. I'm not gay but I'm also new to boston and it's just such a tragic place to be a newbie to (and I feel you on the nightlife bit) and I hate that the T closes at midnight on weekends like what is even the point. Everyone I know lives in Dorchester bc the rent in South End (old gayborhood) is way too expensive. She was fooling around with Cara (who caught feelings) but left her for Calvin Harris and didn't seem to want it to be "out" that they fucked around. Her poor decision is that she’s been fooling around with a married man whose wife is her mother’s good friend. When Victoria arrives on campus with her mother, who bears a strong resemblance to and is about as cuddly as Cruella de Vil, she is introduced to Fern by Fern’s mother, who asks her daughter to take the sulking Victoria into her group of friends.Fern and Victoria get along like oil and water; Victoria thinks Fern is a humorless goody two shoes, and Fern thinks that Victoria is bad news.When it is revealed that Fern has been out locking lips with an older, married man, Fern loses her moral superiority, and the rivalry becomes more intense.Rounding out the group is Kate (Brie Larson), who is a libertine and a flirt, and Lucasta (Amy Ferguson), a tomboy who figures out that she isn’t into boys.

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