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If it's good enough for Mark Twain, it's good enough for us.Follow in the great wordsmith's wake on a paddlewheel cruise down the mighty Mississip', and stop in for ribs in Memphis, a blues concert in the Delta or some jazz in New Orleans.After all, the affair is meant to be an escape from the hassles of a relationship!

If you've been waking up to the same person for years, seeing a new body is tantalising, and the knowledge that you will only have one night together heightens the sensations!Severance of the two books has proceeded despite evidence that Twain wrote the opening chapters of Huckleberry Finn soon after completing the manuscript for Tom Sawyer, and the fact that Huckleberry Finn announces in the sequel’s very first sentence, “You don’t know about me, without you have read a book by the name of ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.’” Moreover, characters and settings are shared by both novels.Twain even attempted to ensure that sample copies of Tom Sawyer were carried by the door-to-door salesmen who “canvassed” neighborhoods and farmlands to take orders for Huckleberry Finn as it neared publication. Life can be so serious: marriage, mortgage, work...Join The Affair Site for free and start arranging anonymous liaisons tonight.

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